We are excited that you plan to join PASWHA or renew your existing membership!  Your membership helps support the mission and work of this association and you its member. 

From research performed before PASWHA was established, we learned that policy/advocacy, professional  development, research, and HIV education are the major areas of focus for those who would join. PASWHA is working to address these areas and needs your help! We look forward to serving you.  

You may select a membership category that is correct for you.  Please note, the individual category has multiple options.  These options provide you choices for joining at the membership level that is right for you.

PASWHA welcomes non-profit agencies/organizations who wish to join as a group, paying dues on a sliding scale based on the amount of the annual budget.  Those organizations who join at the $500 level are entitled to have up to ten (10) individual members under their organization's membership.  Non-profits, who join at the $1,000 level are entitled to have up to fifteen (15) individual members under their organization's membership.

PASWHA realizes that there are businesses/corporations who are partners in this effort, so there is a corporate membership caterogry, too, that can provide opportunities for advertising and networking.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


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